Wood started to catch fire!

Hello, I am very new to Laser Engraving (ortur laser master 2 20W) and Lightburn. I wanted to learn how to outline an easy project watching a YouTube video (trace image) and it started to actually burn (fire) the wood. I immediately stopped the laser. I followed the settings on the video, but again, I am so new to this. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong to cause this, so I don’t return this whole set-up. I attached the picture.

Thank you,

Diode lasers do not cut well, and usually require air assist to do so. (like this: The power of air assist)

Air assist keeps fire down, and keeps smoke and debris out of the lens and beam path. It helps cutting efficiency a lot, so if you want to cut, you’ll likely need it.

Thank you! I will have to get this.