Work Coordinate Offset


I’m just in the process of trying out Lightburn and it seems like an awesome product so far. Up until now, I’ve been using Inkscape and Laserweb which is fine but being able to combine both would save me a lot of time!

I’m learning new features each day and about to pounce on the license but I just wanted to figure something out first.

It has to do with the 0,0 position (on my Eleksmaker A3 Pro).

For some reason, Lightburn seems to be applying a WCO (Work Coordinate Offset) which shifts my 0,0 position. Here’s the code I noticed at startup :

I’m wondering where it’s getting this value? And how to eliminate this offset.

With Laserweb, it always used its position at power up as 0,0 and although Lightburn does the same, it always applies this offset before starting a job, which ends up shifting my work.

LightBurn does not set any offset - it might just be there from before. You should be able to clear it with G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0

Thanks! That did the trick.