Workable screen resolution for LB

So, my quest for working my laser without my own laptop on short order resulted in this:

  1. Boss’s superfancy laptop with 4k(?) screen - unreadable UI text (tried env settings, not helping, moving on)
  2. My old netbook Toshiba N520 with super low res of 1024x600 - unusable due to lower half the UI missing…
  3. No internet in the workshop to load LB onto CNC controlling pc…

So i fished out some old screen broken Dell (N5040) with apparent resolution of 1366x768… Will it work properly ? Or i absolutely should be shooting for 1080p display ? Charging said laptop to try connecting it to external monitor to see if i can use it.


With the default layout, even 786 is too short. If you rearrange, it’s workable though:

Click the post title here:

Well, watched UI video. I might actually make it work on 1024x600, will report back my findings later today.


you do not need to have internet in the workshop. You can bring LB on a usb stick to the PC and activate it offline. Even more easy is it to start the hotspot on your smartphone to activate LB.

Do you have network connection in the workshop? Does your Laser has ethernet?
I made the Laser wireless by connecting a wlan router to it. The office Mac can control the Laser.

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