Wrong cutting, CO2, Arduino uno controller

Can someone help me to find solution with my problem on my CO2 diy machine.

My laser is set ( in my opinion correct) x and y axis are traveling good. I have done also calibration on them and they do perfect cuts up to 0.03mm.

But I still having problem as in photo.
As on photo my laser does make shortcut at the end.

Below my laser optimisations.

If someone is interesting in my device settings

More photos to show my problem
They should be exact same ( two big pieces on one picture)

Przetwarzanie: PXL_20240328_182712433.jpg…

I’d like to see the file you’re attempting to cut, to confirm what you mean by ‘make shortcut at the end’. I’m assuming that’s what you’re saying about the weird top corner notch in first photo, but I want to make sure!


Here I did cut them at the same time one by one.
In the preview mode they move correct.

Also look on this one, where is problem?

I have move when I was cutting it , but Ali can’t upload it.

Guessing here, but seems you really have some backlash issues on your axis. mechanical/belt issues compounding based on where your cut starts from


I did check them. They are not happening.
I did cut this like 5-6 times in a row, every on different place on my working area. They exactly same, with same mistakes in same places. Laser behave exactly same.

Dot Test with Angle.lbrn (46.3 KB)
Try this file
Adjust speed/power so it only marks not cuts (try cardboard) post results please?

Okay, I did run this three times and they looks exactly same

Definitely you have some issues on your axis, looks the issue is most the X axis motion than the Y

Without having a visual cue of your machine is hard to advise. but you are definitely not getting the correct motion on the X axis

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thank you, but an experienced user is gold.

Do you think it’s a mechanical problem?
or maybe a connection between the Arduino controller and stepper motors?

not easy to say without seeing, listening machine in action

Do you think you could record that file is sent being engraved in video and upload to youtube or something and share link.

I am more inclined to suggest is more mechanical than a controller. But you need to start cutting variables down.
Example could be, does the same issue happen if you reduce speed by 70% (and consequently power too)
And/OR, if you double speed, does it get WORSE?

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okay, i did some tests.
I will record proper video on the upcoming days but for now i have some tests.
i was changing a bit power and much speed, please see photos.

on the attempts we can see that since i was turning up speed it started moving more outside, and at the end even when i went back to low speed 300mm/m i still was same bad shape.
Unfortunatelny i forgot to change laser power on last attempt so it went through material and couse some damage on forth attempt. But it doesnt matter i belive.

Just to clarify before my machine started doing this i change tension on X belt. ( I thought it was too loose, so i put some tension. Machine was working good but for some time it started doing this.)
What tension should i use, now its more like a guitar string it does even not loud noise when you pull.
I havent try to move that tension back as it was, becouse i just remind about it, and im already at home.
I will do it maybe tomorrow.
Let me know what you thinking.

dificult to tell without knowing your setup
However seems clear that your machine is losing steps when doing the rapids
And the faster you go the more extreme this shift is

Thank you. I will go through that tension on X axis and let you know how is it going.
However if it will not help I will provide all my machine detail with movie.

But I still wonder if so my X axis losing steps why it always happens in same spots .

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Problem solved :grin:
the screws were not tightened.

Thank you for your help, and your file I will keep it for future :cat:

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