Wrong laser shot

Good morning,

First of all, I wanted to apologize for my level of expression since I am using a translator.

I recently acquired an OMTech 7050 60W machine, after calibrating the mirrors I encountered two problems, the first was double engraving that I was able to solve thanks to an option offered by LightBurn by adjusting the displacement lines.

The second problem that I cannot find the solution to is, as you will see in the images, the laser engraves random points at the end of the test lines.

I thought it could be because the laser beam reflected inside the head, but I have everything adjusted to the center, I’ll show you in some images.

Thank you!!

I think we’ve seen this before… This link was the discussion. @ednisley traced it down to a bad lps. The signals say don’t lase, but it lases anyway…

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Unfortunately, those seem to be unavoidable with the power supplies available to us. Higher-quality commercial-grade machines from reputable manufacturers have better power supplies that behave properly.

You may be able to get a replacement power supply from OMTech under warranty, which may work better. However, it seems the design of the power supplies causes (or at least does not suppress) the random firing problem, so the new supply may behave the same way.

Thank you for your answers, then the only solution will be to agree with OMTech to send a new power supply, which is unlikely to solve the problem.

What does make me angry is that my cheap K40 machine does not have this fault and that a machine of a much higher value with better components does. :joy: :joy:

Very interesting thread, I will definitely read it in its entirety.

Perhaps “different” rather than “better” describes the situation.