X and Y at -600

Just bought the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro and using LightBurn on a MacBook. After setting up, the X and Y are at -600. I can’t figure out how to change this. The work surface if 40 cm x 40 cm. below are the parameters from typing “$$”… HELP!!










































































Unplug USB
Just on power adapter
Press power, is machine homing correctly?
-600 -600 normally comes with a Error 9 - Homing fail

Thanks, ya it homes in the bottom left corner.

I can enter coordinates. But when I power off, move the laser, and power back on it homes in the bottom left

This is standard procedure.
The machine - from off to on state - needs to find home or it wont know where it is.

I turned the device on unplugged from usb and the issue still persists when connected to usb.

Still -600

Could it be possible that you send me a few things for a easier diagnostics
a) Could you provide images of your wiring points
1- Motherboard
2- Both stepper motors
3- Both limit switches
4- Both X and L labeled connectors
b) Could you move head to centre, power on your ORTUR, and using your phone record the 10 seconds it takes for the machine to home please. This way I can see and hear it
c) Could you take 3 images of your belts as machine is idle

The forum won’t let me upload a video

can you try https://orturtech.wetransfer.com
Just add in notes “lightburn” so i know

Sent the file

Is the limit switch upside down in picture #1 of post:

When I received the device the limit switch didn’t match the picture or install video, so I move it to the top of the plate to match

The switch shouldnt matter orientation as lon gas the wiring is correct
Now i have 2 questions
a) is your X stepper connected (right side stepper)
if it is, can you unplug the X limit switch, to confirm if by any chance it might be faulty and is istantly reporting “touched” to the controller

I cant see the X motor connection on the images above, maybe you can double check
AS X requires 2 connections. the X extension cable on the left of the machine but also connect the cable to the motor itself.

I made my comment because it looked like the trip arm is not in the path of the gantry.

Yes i get that. The video is self evident no motion on X, by you dont have access to it :smiley:

You have to set the offset because LightBurn wants positive workspace numbers


In your case should be G10 L2 P1 X-600 Y-600

Not the case, machine isnt homing.