X and Y axis calibration

Is there a tutorial on X and Y axis calibration? I found both my axis’ were a little off so I got into the machine settings and monkied with the stepper values and got it pretty good, but I had to do it by guess-and-by-gosh. I saw in RDWorks you can input the measurement you are getting (compared to the measurement you are supposed to be getting) and the software does the recalibration automatically.

That feature does not exist in LightBurn currently. For now, you could use RDWorks to do the calibration, once that is done, then just use LightBurn as normal, as the proper steps will be saved in the controller.

It’s planned - you can edit the steps in the machine settings, but there’s no auto-calibrate adjustment yet.


Yea, I thought about that. Good idea. Maybe I’ll try it that way just for perfection (or to see if it’s any better than I have it now).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Is there a calibration formula for the stock k40? And what setting in grbl would I change to get
it to work? I am running the c3d mini. grbl_lpc 1.1F lightburn 8.07.

This came up recently, here:

On GRBL, the settings can be accessed in LightBurn in Edit => Machine Settings, or through the console.

Grbl settings: Grbl v1.1 Configuration · gnea/grbl Wiki · GitHub

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Thank you. This is helpful.

My grbl settings were set $100-$102 =160.00 default. I changed $100=157.480 and $101=157.600. These settings worked for me. Thanks for your help. I didn’t use a formula to get the figures I put in. I didn’t have enough variables to calculate so I just started putting in a number I got from a member from the FB community.

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