X and Y Axis - PLEASE HELP!

I have the Ortur Laser Master 2

Using Mac OS

Just downloaded the newest version of Lightburn software 0.9.20

I set my laser to ‘home’ and it pushes the laser to -645 x -645 for the X and Y axis. Not even close to where the grid is located. I can’t get the laser to land on 0 x 0 - the green and red dots are there but the laser is not.

I’ve been trying for hours and cannot get this to home correctly. PLEASE HELP

I just started using light burn and my ortour master 2 last week however just remember you can set home to be anyone of four places. Also know that it won’t show 00 until you restart laserburn.

This means your homing is failing
a) on power only does machine engage steppers and attempts to home?
b) did you check on your motherboard if all wires are fully engaged?
c) any cable getting tangled between limit switches and the motion of the machine?