X axis issues - bed size wrong

I have a mira 7 laser and have been having issues with my x axis. The laser head “thinks” its moving the full length of the bed but its really only moving about 400mm. It was happening intermittently. It would go like this for a while then if I turned it off and on and reset a few times it went back to normal. Now it’s stuck like that. I used to be able to fix it by calibrating the X and Y axis and changing the step length but now that’s not working either as two jobs can come out slightly different sizes without me changing any settings. I do use a rotary occasionally but I’ve checked and the settings and the rotary is not enabled.

How do you know what it ‘thinks’.

A more clear explanation of the problem would help. I have no clue how big your ‘bed’ is.

You should not have to change controller settings once properly set. It being intermittent is an issue in itself.

The bed size is set within the controller.

The .lbrn2 file is a help, and can eliminate problems if we find an issue there, which isn’t likely from what I understand of your problem.


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