X Axis will not fit Ortur LM 2 Pro after Bed Extension Addition

Hi all… long shot but stuck with building up an Ortur LM 2 Pro extension kit.

I purchased my LM 2 a few months back, everything is fine with the 400mm by 400mm bed. Now I have some experience with the kit and a larger project in mind I have decided to use the 800mm extension rails.

Following all guidance online and in the supplied manual… for the life of me I can not figure how to align the x axis carriage on to the rails. It seems about 6mm (wider) out than the two rails it slides on to.

Building the 400mm bed, I seem to recall it sliding on with no issues. Does any body have any experience of putting the 800mm bed together and having similar problems?

I hope that made some sense.

Many thanks in advance of any insights.


Can you provide some photos showing the problem that you’re experiencing?

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Do note, if you got the OLM2 Extensions they are made to aligne 2 ways
notice on each end they have a small notch?
Notch should be inward if OLM2 s2
Notch should be outwards if on OLM2
This is the 3mm (per side) you have problems with


So for the OLM2 (12v) you want these notches facing OUT
So you swap them LEft becomes right, right becomes left
And the scales should still work

Thank you, I will have a look at that this evening a report back to confirm one or another.

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