X Y table to have Galvo laser have more "travel"

I’m wondering if I can make a cnc table for my galvo laser to move in two axis so that I can turn my 6.9x6.9 range into something larger.

I want to engrave one spot, then move the table to the next spot and start engraving again.

Is this something that is possible?

I think I could do at least one axis if I were to use the rotary settings and just have it move linear but curious if there is a way to incorporate the second axis?

Man, we are speaking the same language

Yep, 2 microstep drivers, running my tower also.

Soldered limit switch connections, shielded cable zero interference / false alarms.

Take into account the last number on the DRO is insignificant, less then a human hair by a factor of 5 or 10… Anyway, ran it up to 100mm at 200ipm and back to 0 at 300ipm. The macro to return home overshoots it by a couple mm and then returns to zero to remove any backlash.

After this video I shortened up the DRO cable so it’s not wadded up under the end of the table, that was a pain soldering and heat shrinking wires not much larger then the proverbial human hair. Also adjusted the DRO encoder arm so it is more parallel. Also tightened it up the base.

Hi Al,
This looks awesome and exactly like what I am trying to do. Do you have a tutorial on how to make macros for lightburn?
Or maybe some explanation on making universal gcode platform to work with lightburn some how?

Haven’t figured out any connection between the two. I just have visualizer closed on UGS and adjusted the windows to make it less obtrusive and behave like a pop-up window. Macros are UGS macros, which are really easy to write with a basic understanding of G-Code .
I think you could run the table off the laser’s microstep driver with LB > Repeat Marking > Axis Type> Linear but I haven’t messed with that yet.
I use the Z axis control more then the X table. It’s in full service and even with the crappy screw in the lasers lift mechanism can get really good resolution, the positioning macro always drops down first and then back up to remove all the backlash. Suppose a upgrade would be a CNC screw shaft and ball nuts.

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