Xtool D1 20W Missed Engraving - Leaves Horizontal Lines

Hi Everyone,

Ive been using my new XTool D1 Pro 20W, and so far things have been going well. However the machine is now leaving thin horizontal lines of un-engraved material. What’s confusing is its doing this to files that were running fine previously. I’ve checked the belt tension, partially disassembled the machine to make sure the couplers are firmly attached to the steppers. I’ve cleaned the lens safety glass. I’ve also checked for the latest firmware updates and I’m running the latest version of Lightburn.

The settings are a multi burn, using Fill at 4500 mm/min and 50%, followed by a line at 650 mm/min and 40% power. White spare rapid is set to 6000 mm/min.

It seems like the horizontal lines follow the edges of text at certain points, in other words its not like a random pattern due to missing steps. Not sure on that just guessing.

I did update the version of Lightburn somewhere in amongst using the laser. Could the new version be causing this perhaps and is there a way to return to a previous version to test?

The only thing I havn’t tried yet is to run a similar test in XTool Creative Space as I’ve been using Lightburn up to now and its been fantastic.

I hope the image is showing ok?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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