xTool D1 Infrared Laser Module Issues

I received the new xTool D1 infrared laser module today and I’ve tried etching four different kinds of metals with no luck… not even a mark at 100% power 1mm second. I’ve tried LightBurn and xTools software. Anyone else having this issue? I know there modules are very new…

As far as narrowing down the root of the issue, if you are experiencing the issue even with xTool’s stock software, then this would point to an issue with the hardware. I would suggest contacting xTool Support directly.

I found the problem. There is a huge discrepancy between the laser focal point distance vs the focus foot guide. I’m not sure if it’s possible to adjust the laser focus. Waiting to hear back from xTool support.

How do you know it’s lasing?

Real common problem, need to do a ramp test to check that focus.


You are suggested to use the XCS to update the firmware of the machine, you may refer to this guide to update: How to Upgrade the xTool D1 Firmware – xTool , after you update the machine’s firmware, you also need to update the software, Here is the guide for you to use the IR laser: User Manual for Infrared Laser Module – xTool

I have installed the latest firmware [xTool D1:ver B4] and XCS software. The problem is with hardware. I have a technical support ticket open.

@jkwilborn Do you know if it’s possible to adjust the laser focal distance or does this module need to be returned?

I’m not a xTool person, and I’m not sure of the actual module. xTool isn’t very clear, but see if this is applicable…

Good luck


Thank you.

It may be worthwhile to invite designers to consider positioning the visual indicator light(s) well away from the invisible light source to further reduce potential hazards.

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That manual is pretty poor as it’s only how to mount and connect things up. The one I posted was the only one that showed how to adjust the focus. Have no clue if it’s the same module, they don’t really have a page for the ‘infrared’ module that I could find.

Have you heard about how effective these are with clear acrylic?


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I have the 10w blue laser and the 2w infrared lased. Neither will etch uncoated clear acrylic.

As far as I can see there doesn’t seem to be any way to adjust the focal point for this IR module. The focal length setting bar is fixed to the unit with a pin. Still waiting to hear back from tech support… Here is a video I recorded demonstrating the issue. xTool IR Laser Focal Point Issue - YouTube

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Thank you for your feedback John, I will feedback to our related department.

On the forum we advise our community not to share personal contact information. Please keep communication open and shared to benefit not just those involved at present - but to also benefit your customers (and ours) in the coming months and years.

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Hello Anwen,

I am relaying this to you and also a tech support e-mail ticket I have open. Thank you for taking the time to follow up with this issue.

In the video, you can see the focal length setting bar is not setting the correct focus height. Only after I guess the correct height with manual adjustment will the laser etch.

If it is not possible to adjust the focal length setting bar height or adjust the laser focal point by raising or lowering a lens, how am I supposed to go about focusing the laser?

I can’t manually set the correct height while the laser is firing because it would damage whatever I am engraving. The pieces I intend to etch are very expensive precious metals including 24k gold.

I have read the FAQ On xTool 1064nm Infrared Laser Module document which says “use the focal length setting bar properly to set the focus”.

Bottom line: this is a hardware issue… not operator error.

Thank you for the clarity of the video and the time taken to explain the mismatch between the observed focal length and the focal arm length.

I think @jkwilborn is right about a ramp test to remove guesswork.

Engraving with the laser head set higher than the expected focal point, with a flat piece of material under it and a block under one end will allow you to see the effect the laser has while coming into and going back out of focus.

This also generates focal range information; the amount of height variation that still allows for successful material marking.

I am not certain if the xTool would respond poorly to setting the focal height to zero and putting blocks under two feet of the box-frame to test with the whole frame as a ‘long ramp’. If it works it may generate the most accurate data. The reflected light could escape the shielding if the test is taken too far. Safety first!

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As someone who has an Xtool I would say the problem is you need a “catalyst”. You have to have some kind of laser etching metal spray paint. And then wipe off the excess. I have to do this with glass that I etch.

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Ok, thank you for suggestion.

Ok, since you have already sent an email to our support team, I think our support team will try their best to figure out this issue and help you resolve it. Please feel free to contact us if you need further help.

Follow up for anyone else having this issue in the future.

Tech support has sent various documents with instructions on how to properly set the focus of the laser including this one https://support.xtool.com/hc/en-us/articles/8973101227927-About-the-Focus-Setting-of-xTool-1064nm-Infrared-Laser-Module

While this gives good detail about the laser depth of focus, it does not help solve the problem I am experiencing where the focal length setting bar height is off.

I am not a laser engineer, but I see three possible solutions to get the laser focused as intended.

  • Adjust the height of the laser objective lens to match the focal length setting bar height.
  • Adjust the height of the focal length setting bar to match the incorrect focal point of the laser.
  • Adjust the height of the laser inside the laser housing.

It would be possible to remove the focal length setting bar and cut it down a few millimeters, this is not an acceptable solution to offer somebody that just purchased a $560 laser module.

Another possible solution would be to manually adjust the laser height to the correct focal point, measure the distance with calipers, and create a separate focus bar from a wood or metal dowel. Again, this is not an acceptable solution to offer somebody that just purchased a brand new laser module.

At this point, I want instructions for adjusting the laser height/objective lens or a refund.

Update: Using calipers I have measured the distance of the laser exterior metal housing to the object being engraved. I measured both the distance set with the focal length setting bar vs the distance manually set to correct focus. A 2.5mm discrepancy is causing this problem

Focal length setting bar height: 22.5mm
Manual focus height: 20mm

Can the lens assembly be removed and disassembled for cleaning in the same way that blue diode lasers permit service?

It’s not discussed in the document you shared but some lenses are asymmetrical and can be accidentally installed upside down. I did this on a visible light laser to prove it to myself. I feel the size of the focal error you are observing might make the shape and orientation of the lens worth a look.

I’m itching to take it apart and find out if I can adjust the lens or height of the laser, but since it’s brand new I don’t want to void the warranty… yet.

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