Xtool D1 Locking up when framing

Im having a similar problem my frame tool is locking my lasers movement i have an xtool d1 is there something im doing wrong

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There’s usually an error message in the Console window associated with this. The exact wording is really helpful. Please copy and paste some of that wording so we can see what’s going on.

Is this a new behaviour?
This may be worth review:

I am completely new to laser engraving although I own a small gift shop and have been doing diamond drag engraving with a Gravotech machine for over 20 years. I don’t have any extra space in my store so I am starting out small, I bought a XTool D1 machine 10W with rotary. It arrived about 2 weeks ago, i assembled it and tried setting up the Laserbox software, but it wouldn’t recognize the computer with the usb cable, so I downloaded LightBurn and that worked fine so I did a couple of tests and although I have some difficulty reading the computer screen, they came out ok. The next day I tried to do one of them again and when I click frame the laser goes to the edge of the piece and stops there it does not frame. So I’m stuck. I can’t engrave anything. The other thing is although I downloaded the trial version of LightBurn when it popped up and gave me the option to pay for it right away I did that, but when I open it it says I have 22 days left on my trial. Fred

Did you enter the key that you received after paying into LightBurn? If not, you need to do so for the key to be recognized.

As for the issue with framing. Are you starting the laser with the laser head positioned to the back-left of the machine? If not suggest you do so and use Absolute Coords. Stick with absolute coords until you’re well familiar with the functioning of the laser.

Thanks I don’t remember anything about a key. When I get back to work I’ll check the coordinates position. Someone at LightBurn is supposed to call me about the framing problem. Fred

It is my understanding that LightBurn does not offer telephone support. There is a support email address: support@lightburnsoftware.com

If you can’t find the reply email with your software key in your inbox, check the Junk and spam folders to see if your provider misfiled it.

If you can’t find it, email support at the above address and they’ll be able to help you with your key.

Set speed settings in your move tab to 6000

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