XTool D1 not recognized

XTool D1 not recognized. Running Monterey on iMac. Started Free Trial (planning to purchase). XTool D1 does not appear in the list of devices. USB is connected to computer. The USB connection worked with the device software Laserbox. Thoughts?

Browse this thread and see if it helps at all…


If you haven’t already done so, the D1 requires a firmware upgrade to be used with LightBurn.

MakeBlock has specific instructions on their website to follow for getting their machine to work in LightBurn.

The important bits are:

  • You have to create the device manually (the next release of LightBurn will fix this)
  • You have to set the origin to rear-left, not front-left
  • You have to set the Baud Rate to 230,400 in Edit > Device Settings (after creating the device)

If you do those things, it should work.

Thank you for the replies. I did get the firmware updated. I found a link in the D1 Manual to upload Properties to LightBurn. So the D1 is now being recognized and responding while the USB is plugged in. But for some reason, the bluetooth is not working. The bluetooth works with the Laserbox software just fine but not with the D1.

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