xTool D1 Original Rotary Scaling Issue

I’m having the same issue as this poster is but it does not look like it was resolved.

I have run through the video linked in that post but there is not much to setup. My settings are the same as the video recommends. Now I have changed my mm per rotation to 45 (from 360) and it is working but I think this is just a bandaid for some other setting that I must have wrong.

I’m testing on some standard tumblers with a 87.5 diameter. The instructions state that I should not have to worry about the object size since I’m using a roller based rotary

What settings are others using and what would force LightBurn to stretch out an image like this?

Also, LightBurn is telling the laser to burn from the top left to the right. Can I change the burn direction from the top to down?

Thank you

Hi Gene,

Please take a look at the documentation as well: Rotary Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

In particular:

In the steps per revolution box, enter the number of steps it takes your attachment to make one full revolution. For a chuck rotary, this will be one rotation of the chuck, and for a roller, it will be one full rotation of the roller, NOT the item.

Given that your 45degrees is a factor of 8 (45/360) I would bet that your stepper driver’s microstepping is set 8x higher that expected. Which axis do you have selected in the Rotary Settings menu? Which axis did you unplug and plug in to the roller?

Please post a photo of your issue, so we can diagnose further.

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