xTool D1 Pro connect with M1 MacBook Pro

I realize this is a slightly different situation, but I have an M1 MacBook Pro. It connects to my XTOOL D1 via the USB port on the laptop. Lightburn has no trouble finding the D1. I am running the most recent version of Monterey.

I don’t believe XTOOL uses Ruida control correct? The Ruida is the conflict.

Here is a comment from 2021 in this forum.

XTool appears to have jumped the gun on their marketing/ release a little.

Yes, we were already in contact with them, and according to them, they have a new GRBL compatible firmware version for the machine that should make it work with LightBurn.

I’m going to move the xTool related posts into the correct channel and their own thread.

I managed to get an M1 MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.1 to connect but there was a small hiccup or two.

Happy to walk you through what I’ve found.


No Connection issues? that’s great. Did you go through the process of installing the Ch340 Driver?

xTool D1 or D1 Pro?

Please can you walk me the process. I have Xtool D1 running Mac M1 Ventura. Neither Laserbox nor lightburn can connect via USB or Wifi. The native simple software xtool creative space connects via usb and wifi. I have installed and reinstalled Laserbox in mac and windows 11 via parrallel vm and cannot connect. Many thanks in advanced for your guidance.

The key seemed to be using the Hyper Drive Thunderbolt USBc Hub for the Macbook Pro. That hub allowed me to connect right away. Other folks that are using cable based adapters haven’t been as fortunate.

The CH340 driver is another important, and easily overlooked step.
xTool provides a link to where it can be downloaded.

It is important to allow the driver to be installed and to enter the password to allow it to be installed. Clicking ‘OK’ or ‘no’ backs out of the installation.

When connecting, you should see a serial option for a port with the initials wch in the name. Select that port in LightBurn.

Many thanks for the time and concern. I really appreciate your response. Will try again and let you know, thanks