XTool D1 Pro with extension not working

So I recently added the extension to my D1 pro and cannot get the laser working. It frames correctly but I cannot run a job, as soon as I start it regimes and fan on laser kees running til I stop job.

Hi Aldo,

Have you updated your Grbl settings
Type in console $131=936
Press enter

That should help

Thanks no I have not. Farely new and still trying to learn the software, I barely found this forum and there’s lots of great info here. I will see about that when I get home today. Thanks for your reply

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Won’t stay at 936. After I type in $131=936 then enter it says ok ok but then I type in $$ enter and it says it’s still 432. I updated in XCS already and everything seems to be working there but I would like to continue using lightburn since pretty much everything I do is in lightburn

You might need to use XCS to update the D1 firmware first.

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Sorry to step in.
You might want to give a look at this topic.

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Thank you fer. I should have closed this post.