xTool D1 with Extension Kit .lbdev & camera

Ok, I just received my Extension kit for the D1. Is there a specific .lbdev file for the D1 w/Extension or do I just modify the workspace size in my current D1 profile?

I have the 85 degree 8 MP LightBurn Camera and have had it set with the lens 21" above the work surface. This has worked great but now with more real estate I’m getting camera coverage for less than half of my work area. What are others doing for camera’s larger bed laser’s?

As always, someone out there will make it simple, TIA

Check this Topic:

I’d suggest rerunning Camera Alignment after extending the workspace. Does that provide adequate coverage? Looks like you’d need the camera height to be at least ~25" above the work surface for full coverage. That assumes center mounted which I’m assuming is not the case with you right now so you’d have to adjust appropriately.

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I’ll try raising it up 4-5" on the camera. I went ahead and changed the workspace to the correct size through the device menu. I will not be changing the rails back out again. If I get another xTool it will be the Pro which has it’s .lbdev settings.
Thanks @berainlb & @David_Bilia for the help!

I just installed the extension rails today. Having multiple issues. I changed the work area in the “Device” setting to the longer Y-axis and while Lightburn displays the new dimensions, the laser will not move past the original standard dimensions. Is there another setting that I am missing?

Second, I had to physically rotate the laser to accommodate my work bench and the longer Y-axis dimensions. Is there a work around in Lightburn to rotate the display so that it mimics my physical layout? In essence, the y-axis is physically positioned horizontally and the X-axis is vertical. It would be much easier to work on a screen that looks the same as my layout.

Thanks so much!

Review this Topic. Covers both of your questions.

Same exact problem. Also the camera alignment is not working. I raised the camera several inches and recentered above the new work area. Still had issues so I recalibrated the camera lens but still have same issue. The test image with the circles and numbers does the top half fine but the bottom half appears to be burning on the same line. I can upload pics if anyone is interested.? I think xtool needs to create a new device file for the extension kit. Maybe the pro file would work better. If I knew I was gonna lose my camera I would of kept the setup I had without the extension kit

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