Y axis only moves in one direction on laser engraver

So am I correct in assuming I want the jumpers in the XYY not the XYZ? If so, mine are wrong

According to LaserGRBL it says I have 1.1f

Not sure it matters, but I plugged Y1 into the X slot and tried it and it moved in both directions. So to me it seems that the Y is not sending the correct signal

Here are my settings for the same board that you have.

Thanks for that. Definitely not the same

it is certainly worth a try . Just backup your grbl code first lol. It could only be two things your firmware with the pin outs that have changed or the jumpers on the controller

I guess the picture is a good enough backup right? So do I just switch the values in LaserGRBL and click write? Just learning Lightburn so not sure how to do it there

Are your jumpers on XYZ or XYY?

So for example: type in $32=1 then hit enter and do that for each one that you want to change

or if your in lasergrbl you can click on the number of the value that you want to change

Ok, i guess I’ll just match your settings minus the bed size and see what happens. Did you see my ? About the jumpers?

I just now saw it. Mine are set on XYZ but I took both of the jumper of then both of the steppers moved in one direction.

Sorry, you took off both jumpers and it stopped moving in both directions? But you saying our jumpers are the same correct?

yes but you might want try with them off if the gbrl code doesn’t work

Sounds good. Ill try the code changes first and update soon

Made the code changes. Still only travels one direction on Y :pensive:

I think this is how the jumpers are supposed to be set for only xyy but I use the z-axis because I have a electric adjustment for the laser module to go up and down

Well, no luck. I switched th jumpers and still only 1 direction. So frustrating

where did you get the board from

Came with the machine. Got it from a friend who never used it or got it working