YALCM (Yet Another Lightburn Camera Mount)

(Doug Fisher) #21

Thanks again, Chris, for sharing this design. I have been working on building it and adding some tweaks for my specific application.

One warning red and black 700x500 owners need to know (and others should check) is whether there is enough clearance with this design for the moving head of the laser when the head is operating while located toward the very front of the machine. I just happened to notice this issue when I was watching closely as I closed the lid. I mounted my unit as far forward on the lid as practical so it would be most centered when the door was up (guessing this would make distortion correction easier). The picture below exaggerates the issue due to the angle I had to use with the camera, but the top brass adjustment knob will strike the mount. I think I can fix this by narrowing the excess width of the camera holder’s design.

(Chris Wright) #22

Interesting - I think there must be more than one version of the the red and black machines in the wild because on mine the head clears the camera just fine. Hmmmm… :thinking:

(Doug Fisher) #23

I think there must be more than one version of the the red and black machines

No doubt, you are right. Your design is great and we all thank you again for sharing.

I have a narrow holder section cut and curing as I type. Hopefully that will solve the issue.

(Doug Fisher) #24

For others with 700x500 machines who run into the same problem, modifying the width of the camera holding portion from 45 mm wide down to 30 mm wide gave me enough clearance. Thanks for creating an easily modifiable design, Chris.

(Thomas Cuk) #25

Chris, please can you send a picture of the finished mount including camera?


(Chris Wright) #26

Take a look at the first messages in this thread - those are pictures of the finished mount with the camera. Not sure what else I can do short of taking it off the machine? What are you having problems with?

(Thomas Cuk) #27

Oh, I see, thank you!

(Alan Lynch) #29

What model Boss is this?



(David L Williams) #30

This is a LS1420 65w.

(Adam Schäfer) #31

I was directed to this thread from the FB page.
Here was me looking for inspiration (I had in mind a basic box and a RAM type mount).
This is so much more simple. Thanks for sharing.

(Nigel Conroy) #32

@Doug which camera did you go with for the 700x500?

(Doug Fisher) #33

I went with Oz’s suggestion for the 140. It works fine but subsequently I have seen others here say the 120 works fine with their Ebay classic 700x500 red and black. If I did things over, I would probably go with the 120 because The 120 lens will have less fisheye distortion to correct and the camera’s resolution will be concentrated on a small space which should result in better image definition. Do the measurement and calculation Oz provided on the camera page to make sure it will work for your particular laser chassis.

(Nigel Conroy) #34

Yes I will, thank you.

(Akin) #35

What cameras are these?? are they IP Cameras?

(Rick James) #36

USB cameras supported by as well as sold through LightBurn.

(Wayne Hesler-Mondore) #37

NIce… question? Do these camera plug into the USB port on the machine or your computer.?

(Blake Bartlett) #38

Computer. Lightburn uses it to overlay an image onto the work area.

(Chris Wright) #39

The camera plugs into your computer.

(Wayne Hesler-Mondore) #40

Thanks guys… I’ll have to re-think since my laser is about 12 feet away from my computer.

(Wayne Hesler-Mondore) #41

Will you be selling that mount… I also have the LS1420 65w

-Thanks in advance