Yet another rotary setup question (object diameter / circumference values)

Hi guys, I’m haviing a hard setting up my rotary. I am using 2 diferent rotary attachments, but both are the roller type.

I have already sorted out the “steps per rotation” and “roller diameter” correctly for both. However, I am playing with the “Object Diameter / Circumference” linked settings, and it seems that no matter what value I put here, my engravings are always the same size.

Down to my last two living neurons, I am suspecting these values are only relevant to the “Chuck type” rotary attachment. right?
If I am right, perhaps the "object diameter and circumference " values should be obscured in the Rotary Setup window.

And now I am down to my last brain cell.

If you haven’t already, this is worth review, Rotary Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

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Thanks. I had already read thar info when setting my first rotary (read it like 6 times) and I succesfully set my attachment.
However, I am still with the idea that the object diameter is only pertinent to a chuck type rotary.

Hi Patico,
Not sure if this old post of mine will help, but I think your running into my same frustrations.

Read 2nd or 3rd post as I learned what to do.

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