Zünd S3 (Eurolaser M800) owners here?

we currently own a Eurolaser M800 (Zünd S3) and have recently bought 3 more used Eurolaser devices. So far we have always worked with their customised software ‘Laserscout’ (original Optiscout). However, this software can only control one laser at a time and the costs for a licence are absurdly high. That’s why we’re currently looking for alternatives and have of course stumbled across Lightburn.

The question is quite simple: Is there anyone here who already uses Lightburn with a Zünd / Eurolaser device?

To explain why Zünd/Eurolaser: Eurolaser only converts Zünd devices into laser cutters and expands them. However, the main device is from Zünd.

I do not have experience with a Zund table retrofitted with a laser. I had a lot of experience with a Zund G3 XL3200 cutting and creasing table. Eurolaser appears to use the same Zund controller, but Zund uses their ZCC (Zund Cut Center) software to drive their tables.

These are expensive “high end” machines. I am surprised that you weren’t provided the Laserscout/Optiscout software when you purchased the used machines. If LB was going to drive the Zund, they would have to get in touch with Zünd Systemtechnik AG. I doubt Zund would provide the necessary information, but you never know. They must have a good relationship with Laserscout.