3rd license, please

I read if I asked nice I could possibly get a third license. Its the way I have my computers, one where I work at, another on a laptop, on one for the machine. Also, is there a way to complete the license without a connection to the internet? The computer I have running my cnc and laser has nothing else on them but the programs to run them. I sent an email a while back, guess you were busy with the updates.
Bob Reda

We received that message, upped you to 3 seats, and replied - your license has 3 seats as of Dec 4th. You asked about offline activation there too. It’s possible the response ended up in your spam folder - I’ll send it again.

Do you need to buy the other 2 licenses? I was wondering about this, Seamed like when I first started I asked and was told something about getting 3 but wasn’t sure if I miss understood. I’m asking because I’m looking to add LightBurn to another computer. Thanks :blush:

Friendly reminder, there is a search tool to help you find information that may have been covered previously. I use it personally, many times a day to speed in helping others find answers too FAQ’s. :wink:


Thanks a ton!! Ya I forget, sorry about that I’m just now starting to learn my way around the forum lol :joy: so thanks again for the time and support as always!!!

Hi, how do i install Lightburn on my 3rd device?

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You’ll need to install it almost exactly like you installed it on the other 2 machines.

it is saying my activation limit has been reached

Well if you scroll up about a screen or two, you’ll see some really good information about using the search function on the forums here.

This is worth review,