ABS Material help


(David Berry) #1


I’ve recently started learning to use my laser engraver and have a quick quick to ask.

I’m engraving on 3mm ABS plastic sheets which come with a layer of film on them. Now I can’t take the film off as it’s beneficial for paint finishing the creations I make.

However on some occasion there is a build up of the film which stays left over on the engraved parts - which makes the paint finish look hit and miss when film is removed after.

For the settings on the part where it’s worked, I ran it at 200speed and max min power 20/5.

If anyone’s for any idea of how I can stop this happening. I think it’s because of the wider area it’s using but can’t understand how to change it. Maybe speed or lines per inch or power…

Thanks for any help

(David Berry) #2

This is ideally how I want it to look

(Rick James) #3

This might be a good document to review.


(Blake Bartlett) #4

Outline, remove plastic, engrave?

(David Berry) #5

I can’t remove the plastic until it’s being painted after engraving - I’m thinking maybe if I was to increase the lines per inch slightly it would help with taking all excess film to the edges where’s it can easily peel off after paint is applied.

(Blake Bartlett) #6

I mean outline the engraved part, then remove the plastic that’s going to get engraved over anyhow, then engrave with the plastic removed.

(David Berry) #7

How would I remove the plastic and ensure it goes back down into the right on the engraver to fill into the sections perfectly?

(Blake Bartlett) #8

The hardest part would be making sure the piece doesn’t move. A jig would probably help. Or just a couple of pegs in the table to make sure the piece is in the same spot each time.

(Chris Wright) #9


ABS does not cut well in a laser cutter. It tends to melt rather than vaporize, and has a higher chance of catching on fire and leaving behind melted gooey deposits on the vector cutting grid. It also does not engrave well (again, tends to melt). Cutting ABS plastic emits hydrogen cyanide, which is unsafe at any concentration.