Absolutely will not frame where it says it should

Hey guys,

Here’s the long and the short of it

  • Ortur LM2 20w, recently built, everything coming back fine in console, no alarms
  • Lightburn software, licensed, latest version
  • Lightburn camera, 5mp 160deg

Love the software, really love the potential ease the camera brings. Doing trial runs and once I have the background image updated I place my edit on my printable object (small piece of plywood in this case) smack in the middle of my print bed. Click “Frame.”

The dang thing frames like two inches lower and slightly offset. Every time. In absolute defiance of what the camera is showing me in the camera control window. If I fire the laser and frame it I can get it the old school way, but this is really the biggest reason I was excited for the camera - no messing with manual alignment. I’ve run lens and camera calibration multiple times. The only thing I can figure would be lens calibration being off, because the camera calibration went off without a hitch and the lens calibration is a little more subjective.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much!

Bumping, just because I just got a notice that my account was only now authorized to create new topics sooooo I’m not even sure if anyone saw this. My bad. :man_facepalming:

At any point in your process has the distance from the Top of Material (ToM) to your camera changed? If so, that is your problem. See this thread:

As Jeff mentions, the top of the material you’re lining up has to be the same distance from the camera as the alignment markers were when you engraved them. The camera system is designed to work with a movable Z table that raises and lowers the work so the focal point of the laser (and the top of the material) is always the same distance from the camera.

Oookay, thanks guys. So, lacking a moveable z-axis table, does this mean I should recalibrate frequently based on the material? I mean, I originally used craft paper to calibrate it, and then tried to burn on plywood a couple millimeters thick, and everything was off by a bit.

I’m in the process of recalibrating the whole kit and caboodle right now.

Additionally, when calibrating the lens, for the life of me I can’t get better than a 3.6, and the center image is insanely difficult to get to capture at all.

Any ideas?

Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help.

The key bit of understanding how the camera is used, “You have to do the alignment marks at the same distance from the camera as the item you are engraving.

Can you show a screen grab just before you click the ‘Capture’ button in the calibration page? There are a number of things people constantly get wrong, and I can likely spot them if you show a screen shot.

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