Adding more layers

is there any way i can increase the number of layers in lb more than the currently existing layers

No, this is not possible for us. May I ask what you want to use the extra layers for?

The number of layers is a hardware limit in the Ruida controller. If you’re wanting to make a material test grid, which seems to be the only reason anyone ever needs more than 30, you can use the power scale feature to get a range of power outputs in a single layer.

I use a KT332N controller…please do let me know where to find the power scale feature

:mag: top right

A few links to help get you started using Power Scale.

Here is an external link to a member generated tool to help build testing files using the Power Scale feature.

Auto-generate test files for LightBurn. LightBurn Test Generators - Lightburn PowerScale Generators - O2 Creative

thank u …I’ll look into it