After installation on a new PC, take over the Lightburn settings and license

Hello everybody,
after a long time I now have a new computer in my workshop.
Now I wanted to reinstall Lightburn on it and take the settings and license from the old computer.
Does it work? If so, what do I have to consider or do?
Old computer was Win 7, newer is Win 10.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Greetings Andre ’


You can just manage (remove) the old license yourself in the license portal.

After removing the old one, you can use the same one on your new pc.

To copy the preferences between machines, follow these steps:

Thanks you two it worked great.
However, I cannot open saved projects on the new computer.
I go to load project and then nothing happens. (However, only for projects where, for example, only writing or other characters were in it)
Projects with pictures work without problems.
What have I done wrong now?

Can you post a file that’s not working for you as an example?

Thank You
Testmusterzoll.lbrn (1.7 MB)

How’d you generate that file? It’s basically just 1.7mb of the same repeating garbage character. I wonder if it’s an encoding issue.

Yes, Blake is right - that file is just zero’s - there’s no content in it at all.

the strange thing is, on the old PC under Win 7, all files could be opened and saved without problems and so on.
I am attaching another non-working file (on a new PC, Win 10).

24 Schneefloken 60 mm.lbrn (426.0 KB)

Same, all zeros. What version of LightBurn did you use to create these files? Do you still have access to the system you used to generate these files? Do they still open there?

No, unfortunately I no longer have. Since I have already transferred the license. And now Lightburn no longer opens due to the lack of a license. It was the 9/9 version

Send the trial ID from the old system and I’ll extend it. There is quite possibly something going wrong with copying these files from the old system to the new one.

Thanks Oz

Here are two pictures of the files I sent you.
They work without problems on the old computer.
Is there a trick to transfer the files safely somehow?
The same Lghtburn 9.0.9 versions are on both PCs.

thank you in advance

Andre ’

sorry to jump in on this but i cant find the preference folder need to transfer to new hd

They’re just files, so there’s nothing exciting about them. You should be able to just copy them like anything else. How are you getting them to the new machine?

Just open the settings folder in the new Lightburn under file and I look at the path. I think it is under data-local or something like that.

I copy it to a USB stick and paste it on the new PC in my desired folder.

Can’t it be because of the change of the operating system?

They’re text files. The OS shouldn’t matter. The files you posted were nothing but zeros - that’s not normal. You should be able to open an lbrn file in NotePad or any text editor and see readable content.