After the update 1.6.01, the color settings are not saved.

After the update, the color settings are not saved. For example, I set red to 70/35. After importing the element in the same color, it is back to 100/20. What can I change so that it saves the settings?

Hello Iliya

We need to be specific on wording here.
Open and Import are functionally different.

If you import a shape or project Lightburn will attribute the layer default values.

You can - change these defaults and save them.
For example, if i wanted all my Blue LIne layer to be 5999mm/min and 73% power on import, i set it and click “make default”

If you do not do this, on next import the layer will reset to whatever the defaults are
If you did not change from instalation, defaults are 6000mm/min 20% power

That seems to be a bug, see here: I lost all my speed/power settings on last update
More people experience this behavior.

@misken Oz Explained here

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