Alignment or something else driving me crazy!

You can see here the difference X Series CO₂ Laser Tube | Laser Equipment Accessory | EFL Laser

Is just better made, better components I assume ( I hope!!!). It’s 1400mm…F series 100w is 1450.

The difference in shipping cost I was suprised at also (F was $400, X was $260) But friend of mine who ships from around the world said this is common, if you go over certain size, or weight price jumps.

@dean448 You cannot avoid international shipping costs, the stockest in the US would still have had to had them shipped, you just see an inclusive cost.

There is not a massive difference in cost.

F4 is $370, ship $400 = $770 (12 month warrenty)
X4 is $455, ship $260 = $715 (18 month warrenty)

I don’t know how the shippers price things but as explained above, a trusted friend of mine said he was not suprised. and it HAS to be better than buying a possible 2 year old tube stocked in someones garage in the UK!

No idea about the laser alignment but I’ve recently found that R tech (they sell welders) stock TIG coolant, I’m guessing this will work with the HF as TIG often uses HF for stating the arc.
I’ll be getting some soon.


Thanks for the link… I would go with the X model also. Understand about the shipping.

Just an inch…


Not that it matters here…there is a difference between shipping from an in country warehouse and direct from a manufacture. Retailers ship product in bulk and apply some cost burden based on a percentage of the container cost. Compared to a single air ship item, that can be a big difference.

or 2 :wink:
50mm, i wouldn’t have thought it would make any difference either

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Yes I hear you, but for a laser tube I would rather spend a bit more and have a brand new one from the factory with full warrenty than one from a stockest in the UK that has been sitting in their store for god knows how long…like the one in my machine currently that is dead after I had it 7months, but is actually almost 2 years old. AND this new one much cheaper than the one I got from the Uk stockest in the first place, and is an upgrade…

I think you made a deal, assuming everything works as expected…


Is this you then Jack?

Check bed height to lens is the same across the whole bed, you may find the bed is out of tram

Nope, that’s Russ Sadler, the ‘lightweight head’ design is his along with the ‘rack & pinion’ belt drive. Many of us have his ‘modification’. I can swap lenses/tubes in a few seconds.

As you can see it’s very simple and resolves the main issues in alignment. This head has a Z adjustment, so with his setup you can adjust it (and the mirrors) in all three dimensions.

Original X motor drive…

Upgraded X motor drive/mirror 2 mount. Allows Y axes beam adjustment.

I don’t have the drag chain anymore and my top speed so far is 1650mm/s and the acceleration has been working well at 65,000mm/s^2. The real benefit is there is a much less overscan with less mass to drag around.

A more recent picture, only thing it’s dragging is the air hose…

Russ helped me out a lot, he’s great guy and has helped many people…

I changed out my head just over a month after receiving the machine.


Jack, this is what I want to get from Russ, I just emailed him yesterday.

Good luck…



I have managed to get hold of the older firmware RDC6445S-V26.01.13 and now the U axis works correctly with the rotary as it used to…

BIG Thanks to CLOUDRAY Laser (who I bought it from) for managing to get hold of this version for me. I will upload the video later today of my setup and showing you how it all works. i will also try to post the firmware for all the Users with 6445s that want to use an aditional axis for their rotary.

I will make a new topic on this so hopefully it helps others too.

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Be nice if you can link the firmware version somewhere it can be accessed by others…


I made a new topic for this please see that for the solution

I hope this is of help.

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@jkwilborn you think this firmware might work with the 6442s?

I think it’s a good way to brick the Ruida.


No I don’t think so. If you try to install it, you will get message saying firmware does not match the board. it will not install

The file is called RDC6445S-…LIB.UPD, not RDC6442S-…LIB.UPD

Part of the ‘common sense’ doctrine