SOLUTION - U axis direct for Rotary with RDC6445S Controller

If you have the RDC6445S controller (NOT G) then this might just be your lucky day.

Here is my link to the Firmware for this controller

There are 2 Firmware versions - V26.01.13 and V26.01.16

.13 will run your rotary off the U Axis.
.16 will run your rotary off the Y Axis.
Firmware has to be upgraded through RDWorks

I have added a 3rd Axis driver to my machine and all rotary settings are set up on that U axis, so no more swapping settings and connections on the Y axis!

Here is a video of my setup and a quick guide how to change the controller settings to run the Rotary direct.

I hope this is of help.


Congrats on finding that firmware you were looking for!