Aufero laser 2 lu2-4sf laser head

How long is it safe to run this laser on a large project. Is there a duty cycle like a welder? I ran it with a cross hatch engraving and it ran like a Kalashnikov for hours and then I tried to go back over it with a 45° and it froze up and burned a hole right in my project…any thoughts?

The freezing is likely due to a disconnect and unrelated to potential duty cycle issues which would be a separate issue.

There’s a lot of debate about how hard a laser should be run. The danger of running too high and too long comes down to heat mitigation and diode lifespan. I recommend you follow the manufacturers recommendation about this. I believe for Ortur they don’t discourage use at 100% power but the expected lifespan under those conditions is basically one year.

You can read more about my specific thoughts on that here:

As for the disconnect of the laser I suggest you do some searches on this forum as this is a common problem. See if any of those scenarios fit your specifics.

If not, circle back and describe the specifics of what you’re experiencing and I’m sure someone would be able to help.

Thank you. Seems fine just a glitch to be expected I’m running it on an old laptop that’s completely overloaded does anybody run light burn on a tablet what are the minimum requirements for it?

There are plenty running on fairly low powered computers.

Here’s an example of a very low powered Linux tablet with 4GB of RAM:

I don’t think LightBurn publishes an official lowest spec other than Operating System version. I’d suggest at least a 64-bit cpu. Realistically if it can run the operating system okay it should run LightBurn okay.

I’d found some old Lenovo T61 laptops with Windows on them and the 2GB versions would boot Windows but were all but useless beyond that. I easily put Lubuntu/Linux on them quite usable running something like the Arduino IDE and LightBurn but not simultaneous with Inkscape, etc. I updated to 4GB of RAM, inexpensive, and found them quite usable for a robotics development system.

The AtomicPi board( $49 amazon ) has only 2GB of RAM and was one of the first low powered and low resource devices I put LightBurn on and found it quite useable although I did little editing.