Automatic Air-Assist on Ortur LM3


the Ortur LM3 has an IO-port … described here … Ortur LM3 I/O Port

I found that Lightburn uses M8 and M9 to control Air Assist …

Is there a possibility to change this to eg. M12,M13 to be used on the original Ortur controller ?


The only possible option you have is to use pre and post commands
Edit → device settings → Gcode tab

As far as i know is not possible to change M8/M9

remember though, M12 M13 control Fan M14/M15 the LED none directs the air pump so you will need a relay of sorts

Since I have to regulate the amount of air on the air-assist anyway, this would be a good compromise.

So for each job I turn on the air via a relay and if I want to work without air, I set it to zero.

Thanks for the inspiration :slight_smile:

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