Best grbl board to go with Neje A40640 and Lightburn?

Hi ! I purchased the Neje A40640 laser module and i want to upgrade my old eleksmana board with a new one . Any suggestion ? i built a 24 in X 36 In frame and i heard to look at a 32 bits controller to get the best speed . Anything else to look ?


Makerbase MKS DLC32 V2.0 or greater, Makerbase also release a new firmware in his gitub to activate air assit connecting a relay to SCL pin in the motherboard.

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Thank you . I will look at it !

Look great ? How long do you have it ? No major problem ? And you use it with the neje A40640 ?

problems none and i use it with A40630, that is pratically the same, in a corexy engraver DIY
take a look in “finished creations” section to see what i have done with it :wink:

one for all My creation with a DIY diode laser machine

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