BJJCZ control board - Raspberry Pi - Python

Hello everyone,

I have a fibre laser with a BJJCZ control board and would like to control it via a Raspberry Pi. I am looking for a way to send Lighburn files or a template with some variables (e.g. for a QR code) to the laser via a Python script.

My preference would be something like a small Comandline Lighburn Interperter which I could control via Python.

Is there a solution for this or has anyone already had experience with it?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards

Hi Manuel,

Just curious, any reason why the Fiber has to be Pi and not to LightBurn directly on a computer?
Trying to understand your use case

Hi Gil

Sure, I want to extend an existing test system based on a Pi so that the serial number can be lasered after passing the test.

Best regards Manuel

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The Fiber has to be connected by USB to to a computer running LightBurn, and the Pi network connected to that computer also, then you could command LightBurn from the Pi as discussed recently in this topic: Lightburn API - simple text marking

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Until LB gets extensions / plugin support,
You might take a look at Balor

Its a python project that is able to control the JCZ boards directly from command line etc.

If you wanted to pair the techniques listed in the referenced post above with LightBurn running on the Pi itself check out this Topic for a way to run LightBurn on Pi.

Thank you all for the valuable tips.
I will check this in detail. If Balor’s solution would work that would be great otherwise I will follow the second suggested path.
Thank you very much.

Best regards Manuel

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