Brand new - issue with alignment and framing

Hi guys!

Venturing into this crazy, creative world, and I’m slowly, steadily making progress but this latest one is giving me a headache.

So, I’ve got an Ortur LM2 20w. Bought Lightburn, bought the official Lightburn 5 mp 160degree camera. Got it mounted and set up. For the LIFE of me I cannot get this thing to calibrate manually. Printed out the test page, and even though it’s clear as day in the window on the camera control in Lightburn, all my captures end with unacceptable results.

So I finally just give in and go with their predefined lens calibration for the camera. Maybe I’ll get lucky, right? Oh no. Oooooh no. Then it’s on to camera alignment, and even though I run through the procedure exactly as specified - and everything seems hunky dory - when I update the background capture something fishy is going on. Nevertheless, the real issue comes here as I put a piece of plywood on the bed for a test fire.

I update the background capture, arrange my edit on the object, and click frame. Without FAIL the laser is 1-3 inches off - a frame very close to the image on the screen but not exact as it should be. It happens no matter how I play with the settings or try to recalibrate.

What do you think? Any suggestions, gang?

Thanks in advance!

You are double posting the same issue. Please don’t do that. It makes more work than needed. We will get to the post, but that can take longer if we are responding to the same person with the same issue in more than one place.

Thank you.

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