Camera Calibration and Alignment woes

I am using this USB camera. I got it set up really well, accurate enough for my skillset.

But ever since I added a new Infrared module to Lightburn by adding a new Device, because I do not care to change the basic device settings and toggle on and off various differences between my diode and IR modules for the same XTool D1 Pro.

During my unpleasant experience with the D1Pro IR module, which I am returning on Monday, things got a bit bonkers - the camera was no longer to scale. The size of the cut did not match the size displayed on the screen, so I recalibrated. All my results scored .07-.09, well below the 1.0 required to pass.

Put the honeycomb back in before I performed the alignment. Everything seemed OK, just like the previously successful calibrations I had performed. After both of these are complete, the camera overlay is only showing the working cut field, not the entire honeycomb/bed.

Alignment reduces overlay/work area is the exact issue I am experiencing, except that was 2 years ago, nobody answered their post, and it’s lock and unanswered.

When I change modules my working area changes. I manage these differences by having each laser module (20W and 40W) be different “devices” with their own settings, even though I’m using only one D1 Pro unit. Is the the culprit? Why is my camera field of view only the size of my cut area? You can see that it results in cropping my field of view to match the alignment targets, when I change my machine size in device settings that lies to lightburn about how much space i have to cut, the camera zooms in and maintains its borkines.

I forgot to add the link to the camera I’m using. It’s a 120˚ lens and I did the math from the LB suggested camera types based on enclosure before I purchased it. They call 1080 @ 30fps “True 1080p HD” which kinda grinds my gears, but it does the job, especially considering framerate isn’t really a concern with LB’s camera overlay (hopefully it will be soon)

Can you confirm that you’re using fresh target markers for the camera alignment process?

Also, from looking at the screenshot it’s not apparent to me that the capture is incorrect. Are you saying there are addressable portions of the bed that aren’t showing there?

Last week, I re-calibrated my camera and burned a new target then. It worked just fine, until I started changing device settings for a new module. I believe this means it is a fresh target.

Perhaps a fresh reinstall would help.

The images above - the first frame shows only the target, which is a 12x12 piece of balsa. The 2nd one is when I change my work area to the size of the workspace to try to force the view to zoom out, and I get this zoomed-in section of my work area. The 2nd view is only about 250-300mm wide - the black tubing is for my air assist.

Previously, when the camera was functioning, it showed the entire laser unit and even some of the walled enclosure.

The results I’m getting don’t match the overlay, i’ll note that this was happening before I got this specific issue with the cropped and zoomed camera overlay.

Thanks for the prompt response.

This is actually unexpected. It should only show you the addressable part of your laser. Literally the area of the bed that directly correlates to the workspace.

This is almost never helpful as the root cause is almost never the installation itself.

When you did this I understand you created a new device for it. This should be fine as long as you’re consistently working in the correct device profile. When you did this, did you create a new fresh target at that time or attempt to reuse a previously burned target? Reusing a target would only ever work if there was absolutely no movement in the target relative to the bed and camera and that you used the exact same scale factor during the alignment process.

You can’t change workspace size post alignment. That will invalidate the alignment. If you need to make adjustments you can do so using the scale and position adjustments in Camera Control window.

Can you elaborate on this? Not quite following the series of events and what you’re comparing.

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