Camera over network


I would like to ask if its possible to see the camera feed / overlay via network, since I am planning to buy a pro laser cutter 60w-100w with network capability.

The laser will of course be in a different location where its easy to exhaust the fumes out while the work is done in different offices.


If you are asking whether you can see the camera/overlay in LightBurn from a computer connected to the laser via Ethernet, then you have to have an IP camera, and I am not sure this is supported. The camera interface is USB, as all the cameras for use with the software are USB. So, if this is what you are asking, I would say no.
This is a feature that they may or may not consider, so ask them and submit a feature request.
The USB camera is supported, but not at long distance from the computer due to limitations of USB. I might be missing he mark, so look for others reply also.

We do not currently provide IP camera support directly, although we do have a few members who have some successful experience getting an IP camera feed working.

Here are noted a couple of free IP camera tools:

Just came across this thread and thought I’d try it out. I happened to have an Axis IP camera pointing at my 3D printers. I used the Axis Streaming Assistant software and it works as expected.

This is, of course, provided you are using an Axis IP camera… :sweat_smile:

Yes. This is exactly what I’m asking for.

Well, it appears from the replies, that it is doable. So, you can use an ip camera If it is recognized by the software.

No, this approach is changing how the system “see” the camera. LightBurn is looking for a USB camera, these IP camera solutions provide the linkage and present the camera in the manner we currently require.

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