Camera seems to be pretty off

I bought a 100 degree 5mp camera off Amazon:

Did the setup on my Neje Master 2S 30W MAX (810mm x 460mm) - so it’s pretty wide. Couldn’t fully get every number under 0.3 (some were like 0.45 during the calibration).

Is the camera worse than other 5mp? Do I need a wider angle camera? adjust he height of the camera? I believe the camera is sitting about 22" above the workspace.

Live preview in Windows looks like it’s pretty blurry. It’s autofocus, so not sure if the camera is just garbage. Hesitant to drop $80 on a camera from Lightburn to have the same issue.

Notice in the 2nd pic - the “shadow” is actually the printed design. So you can see how off it really is from the vector file in Lightburn.

Is the top of your material (the cutting board) at the same height as what you calibrated the camera to (or did you calibrate the camera to the height of the table top / surface it is sitting on i.e., the bottom of that material)?

If you calibrated the camera to the table top surface and the top of the material is now closer to the camera, that’s your problem.

Im confused then. Do I need to do this for every single piece I burn?

Please use the search feature of the forum to explore as answers have been provided on this topic multiple times:

I’m asking this for a friend, I did search and I couldn’t find anything. All the things I found I made sure it was done computer and software up to date and the camera settings switched from custom to default and vice versa everything works fine he I gets to the last step to take the pic of the 4 targets and he can’t there’s no view… I am not lazy I search and I do my best and when I can’t find then I ask

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On the right when you click capture nothing happens

Thank you. This is very informative.

Is the “Camera Alignment” different for every base? Just doing the targets for various heights would be sufficient, right? I read through the posts you linked, and I could have different settings imported for various heights.

Just want to make sure its the alignment, not lens, that changes each time the height of cut changes.

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