Camera shows images in other software, but not Lightburn

Got my Lightburn 5MP camera. Got the cable in place. The camera can be show images in other software, but not in Lightburn. Heeelp.

Which OS are you running? If Windows,…

Two questions:
1)… Does the laser need to be connected for the camera to show as active in Lightburn?
2). Since I’m using Windows 7, is there some plugin I need?

If I select the laptop’s camera, it activates in Lightburn with no problem. Selecting “Default Capture System” didn’t cause the Lightburn camera to show up in Camera Control. Any help is appreciated.

Downloaded UVC file. Is there any specific place it should be extracted to. I extracted it to the Lightburn directory. The camera can be selected in the Camera Console, but no image shows up, and all of the options are greyed out.