Can LightBurn send a signal for turning on air assist and/or ventilation?

Is it possible for LIghtBurn to send a signal to turn on/off air assist or ventilation? I’m using Home Assistant as my home automation hub and I have plugs that I am able to control through the software. Would like to have LightBurn trigger automations by sending a signal (ex. MQTT) or via an API call of sorts (HTTP?). Is this available?

A lot of us use the Ruida controller to handle that, but I don’t think it’s available in the grbl stuff.

I doubt there is an api to call and set up some kind of alarm/notification for windows/mac/linux OSs.

Lightburn would have to kick off something on your computer and not on your laser.

@LightBurn would be the best to answer this specifically.

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@LightBurn Is there a mechanism to determine when the laser starts and stops that I can detect and do this myself? I have enough programming experience to be able to piece a script together but need to know how to detect when the laser is running.

Really doesn’t look like this is anything that would be beneficial to your task.

Grbl is a ‘streaming’ protocol where instructions are sent sequentially to the grbl controller. Unlike a DSP where the instructions are generally uploaded and then run.


Thanks for the link Jack. Followed another link and see that LB does have some sort of UDP support. This may be a mechanism to use if LB can be set to broadcast via UDP. I’m pretty confident that I can make use of these in Node Red.

I see that you’re a regular. Is support fairly active on the forum? While I am patient, and do understand constraints, I’m wondering if at mentioning LightBurn will solicit a response eventually? Know that I’ve only started using LB a few days ago but have purchased a license already.

Thanks again for the help.

Usually if your @dinki is entered there is some kind of message that indicates someone mentioned you in the communication. If that’s what you are referring to.

Just curious, I have my machine in the garage and my workstation is in my room inside. I use Pi bridge with my 3b. The only reason I use it my computer is far from the machine. If you computer is near the machine can you just connect to it directly? I did that for a short while when mine first arrived then moved to a wireless bridge.

I can’t bring myself to let it ‘start’ without me being there to watch it. Is you devices seperate or could you go directly to the Ethernet connections?

The Pi bridge is supposed to handle the problems with UDP error handling. Maybe @adammhaile can give you some assistance. I think he wrote the Pi bridge code that it runs.


The LB Bridge UDP and the LightBurn control UDP are two entirely different things. The UDP control is very limited in what it can do and it’s pretty much only to LightBurn, not LightBurn broadcasting out status. And the LB Bridge is currently very specific to Ruida controllers. It’s a simple passthrough - nothing more.

LightBurn does, however, already support air assist for Grbl. See more here:

It’s just the M8 command and the A3 pin (sometimes labeled coolant). You should be able to control air/ventilation with that and a simple relay no problem.

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@adammhaile I should have been more specific. My laser (Ortur LM2) is less expensive than the controller you reference. I’m starting small (cheap) with the hopes of getting something more powerful should the business warrant.

I’m totally fine with wiring relays and have done my share of electronic projects, but I’ve already got a wireless solution using a wifi plug socket tied into Home Assistant. I’m really just looking for a way to intercept and passthrough the M8 command you mentioned and then trigger my plug socket to come on. Same could work for air assist pump that I am planning.

I’m connecting via USB and best I know that serial connection won’t allow for me to snoop on it from another process. Is there a way?

Hope this is not too convoluted, but this is my life. To quote Robin Leech, I have “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” on a McDonald’s budget.

You are aware of the ‘Ultimate Air Assist’?


Unfortunately, no - I am not aware of anything that would let you do that. Maybe something like a teensy acting as a serial passthrough? But likely your controller will error at getting the M8 command if it doesn’t support it.

All I’m looking for is some sort of way to create an additional signal that I can detect with third part software when the laser turns on or a job starts. Do you guys have a mechanism to run a custom script or something that might let me hook into this?

Also, is there a way for a mod to split @mattb question into a separate thread? I’m still trying to work on my OP and prefer that this doesn’t fork into something not directly related to my post.

We do not currently have a mechanism to do that. I recommend you add a request here:

It greatly helps us prioritize new features.


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