Can’t get my laser to fire

(Gary Brown) #1

I’m ver new to lightburn and can’t get my laser to fire, can someone help?

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(Rick James) #2

Not yet. We want to, but you have not told us much other than you have a “65x50cm” laser. :slight_smile: Please tell us more.

(Gary Brown) #3

Sorry It’s a Model 3550,6550,3550,100100

(Gary Brown) #4

I’m not sure of what type of controller as there was no instructions on firmware or how to operate.

(Rick James) #5

OK, so let me try this way. Send a picture of your controller. Do you have it connected using LightBurn? If so, what profile did you select when setting it up in LightBurn?

You can use google to find out more on your setup and provide here as you are asking us to fly blind. Here is another resource for controller identification:

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