Cannot find CorelDraw macro

i see lightburn have a new macro i have tried to load it but all i am getting is (see attachment) i am doing what i have one for all macros but i guess i am doing something wrong here.i have corel draw x5,i do see the LB logo there but without the LB logo,

Click Help and there’s a guide for installing the Corel macro right in the top menu.


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so i have got this far and then i get stuck, i can see what it says on the PDF but i still cannot work it out, so where do i go from here without closing down the file that i have open.


I only have CorelDraw 2018 - it’s not possible for me to purchase an earlier version, so it could be a compatibility issue. Do you have a button that works but doesn’t have the right icon, or does it not work at all?

Anyone else with CorelDraw X5 or similar who’s gotten this to work that could help here?

will the new macro work on corel draw x5

I have no idea - I don’t have Corel X5 to test it with, and wasn’t able to purchase anything older than the 2018 version. I’ve attached the raw text of the script, so if X5 can’t load the gms file included with LightBurn you should be able to create a new macro and just paste in the content of this text file.

CorelExportScript.txt (1.7 KB)

Hi thank you for that but i have absolutely no idea what that means, but thank you ant way.


In my version of Corel, there’s a macro manager that I used to create the macro. The commands in that text file are the commands that the macro executes. I’ve never seen Corel X5, but assuming there is a way to open a macro script editor, you would do that, and then copy and paste the text in the file above into it, exactly as it is, and save that as the “Export to LightBurn” macro.

I’ve never seen Corel X5, but there are a few people out there who might be able to help.
Paging @Casey_Gadd and @Enno - Could one of you take this text script and produce a macro for the older CorelDraw? Enno had done it once, but I had to make a bunch of changes to the original one, so I couldn’t keep it.

In the old Facebook group I had instructions for old Corel draw versions.

Here is the most recent version of that file, for those who may not have joined before the group was archived:

Corel Draw export to LightBurn V3.docx (301.1 KB)

will try that now

The only difference for X5 would be the AiExport type cannot be 10, I changed it to 2 then it works

better to upload the doc I thinkCorel Draw export to LightBurn V3 X5compatible.txt (4.5 KB)

Is the GMS file format the same, or different? If the 2018 GMS file doesn’t load for you I might have to provide one in an older format. (and thank you for doing this)

not sure if the file format is different or there is a Corel version in there

Hi Oz,
just looking at the latest version on my Mac and that option does not exist:


I don’t have CorelDraw for the Mac to set this up for it. It is PC only for the time being.

Ok, thanks Oz; Keep up the good work

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