Changing from cnc to laser origin not working

So I tried to use lightburn to run my shapeoko but decided to put things back.
Everything works with the following exception: I set the machine to the center of my 15.75" of travel and that’s my start point and origin. Now I cannot set the origin, when I do the machine moves to home and gives me an error message on the console that it hit a hard stop. I do notice that when I jog the head to set the origin as soon as I go to move the x and y position list 35" which was the settings for the cnc router. I tried removing everything and let lightburn find my laser which works but the settings somewhere must still be off. I see in the console a reading of something like wco= -857mm y and -845mmx which is way too big for my machine.
Please help me get my laser origin working again, btw if it helps I have a comgrow 10 watt diode using a serial usb wired connection which always worked before the change. Thanks, Pete

Check if this helps.

That fixed it, for those that have the same problem it seems like it was saved in the laser not lightburn. I reset the offset to zero and I can set the origin again.

Here is the information that I used which worked:
In the console, enter G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0. This is generally only required if switching between using your machine as a laser (with an offset) and as a CNC machine in software that expects negative coordinates.

Thanks for the link, that was a good read with valuable information.

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