Circles are not round and closed

Hello, I’m new here, first time using a laser engraver.
I’ve noticed that often circles ar not round and not closed or text is not following the shape… I’ve seen other posts like this, I understand this happens because of x or y belt not correctly in tension. I’m not sure what I have to do. Is there someone with more experience that can help me?

Thanks in advance!


Looks to me like a belt issue
Could i have some images of your belts both Y and X please? @luca.dall
I would bet Y belts if i had to guess
Also move gantry all the way to the back and confirm its square with the frame?


Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:
I’ve found out that the left part of the gantry was not square with the frame (there was a bit less than 1mm of gap between wheel and back). After spanning the left belt it’s a lot better.

I still see some waggling lines in X, I will check this evening what can be the cause of this.

Here the images of the belts after I’ve corrected the left one:

Try this too. Its quite common on LM2
Eccentric nuts