Connecting to a Vigotec laser?

I procured an LG-L7X from BangGood. It works but their proprietary application is buggy and limited. A BangGood user claims the controller is “VigoTec ,Support OTA upgrade and Android engraving app”. The silkscreen on the board shows “VIGO-11 V3.0 200603”. The processor is an ATMega. It’s not clear if it is GRBL. I’m running a Win10, and using the USB virtual serial port to talk to the machine. Has anyone succeeded in using this machine with LightBurn?

It would need to be running one of the firmware choices supported by LightBurn, and be able to connect with USB. I believe these machines use an ESP32 chip to connect over WiFi, so there’s a very strong chance that the firmware is proprietary too.

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Connecting to a Vigotec laser?

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Thanks for your reply. I am not using the Wifi, I am connecting through the USB-serial port.

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