Connection from brand new Gateway Computer

I have been using Lightburn for over 3 months and i recently updated to 1.2.04 and cannot get Lightburn to recognize my X-Tool D1. I have replaced my USB cable and a new computer. It recognizes about a dozen other lasers by no x-tool.

You have a dozen different lasers hanging off your system?

Generally this is a driver issue… especially on windows.

Try this link and see if you can confirm the problem.

Good luck


It just seems funny in that as soon as it updated it was asking me to find my laser and it didn’t show my laser as it had before. I think the new patch was defective and left out the driver.

I’m sure Lightburn calls standard os api’s for usb i/o…

The driver lives between the machines hardware and the os…

If something like this could be missing, all usb machines would fail to operate with this upgrade …

Something else is happening…


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