Control Tower Stack Lights

It should be simple, find a vendor that does this and ask them :slight_smile:

Very probably its the stack lighting. Sounds like something they’d do…
I wouldn’t use them…

Good luck, take care :smiley_cat:

It’s true and configurable in the controller of a 6445. As far as whether a firmware update will change the signaling to those pins, consider that firmware updates place EVERYTHING about the controller in the hands of a manufacturer. (Don’t apply firmware updates for sport)

E.g, Ruida broke the wind signal.

Here is a post about a stack light being installed:

Also, these pins are used for other purposes. I use Pin 4 (Status) for fume extraction timed delay:

Status is also used in the ultimate air assist I believe. Those other Pins can be used for whatever you have the creativity and need for. How about a WOLO 330 “OOOOGA” horn for when the job is complete? :slight_smile:

Here is a schematic by Rabbit Laser:


Brilliant, thanks for the information Jeff.

Thanks… My 6442 does not have the pictured options. What manual did that come from?


I do have an semi air assist working via status and wind sinks. Stayed away from the ‘reserved’ sinks.


That was a picture of my 6445 HMI taken with my phone specifically for that post. The schematic is for a 6442. The 6445 and 6442 work the same. They are essentially the same controller board. The differentiation is the HMI.

Although your 6442 HMI does not have those configuration options in the User Interface, you will find them available and accessible for configuration through Ruida’s RDWorks within the Soft PLC / Lamp Config:



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Thanks so much… Don’t use windows so I’m not that failure with RDWorks. I did load it on my wifes Windows machine, but rarely use it. I will have to look, although I can’t really see a use for this under a ‘hobby’ situation. However some people like lights… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification, at least to this point.

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