Creality Falcon 2 Frame is Incorrect

If I set LightBurn to Current Position and then set the Job Origin to anything but the lower left corner, the machine frames in the wrong place. It always frames as if it were starting from Current Position but with the Job Origin in the lower left corner.

I’m using a 22W Creality Falcon 2. I’m using G-Code files instead of a USB connection.

Below is a picture of a scrap piece of cardboard I was running tests on to figure out alignment. You can see my pencil marked X, whcih I was trying to hit the center of, and the engraved target. I’ve added a green square showing the actual frame of the part as it is engraved. I’ve added a red square showing approximately where the machine framed. I also included a screenshot of my start and origin settings.

Falcon 2 Framing Issue

Any help is appreciated.


I could see how this might lose position or location information.
Without a USB connection how are you requesting the ‘Frame’?

LightBurn Frames a project in its workspace and sends the framing information to the engraver. This will match the output from LightBurn when the project is sent to the engraver. If the project is in a separate file in the engraver, LightBurn wouldn’t be able to see it or frame it.

When the GCode is saved the Current Position may not be saved in that file. I’d be happy to check the file though.

Please make a copy of one of the example GCode files, change the suffix to .txt and upload it as a reply here (or send it to me directly / privately).

Here’s a G-Code file that is problematic. In Lightburn the origin is set to Current Position and the Origin is set to the top right. But, the machine frames as if the origin was the bottom left, causing it to crash into it’s Y limit stop.

RoyalsFootball.txt (1.7 MB)

Without a USB connection how are you requesting the ‘Frame’?

The Falcon2 has a “Frame” button on the front face. You press that button first and it begins to frame the object. I have no idea how it figures out the frame size. When you’re ready, you press play.

This is a bit of a flaw of the machine. Sometimes I’m confident in my placement and I only need to press play. The machine doesn’t allow this, you always need to start with the frame. Unfortunately the frame is often incorrect, so in some situations it can be problematic to frame first.

I might want to contact Creality about this and see if the play button could be enabled without the frame button.

I’ve also contacted Creality Support about this. They say that only the lower left corner is supported by the machine when using a USB Stick. They also said that the process to start the Falcon2 is to press the Frame button and then the Play button, both being required. I asked them to consider a feature where you can run the job without doing a frame (since it will go off in the wrong direction if you’re not using the lower left). I won’t hold my breath for them to make the change though.

I suppose a solution is to simply connect my laptop to the laser via a USB cable. I did some experiments with that yesterday but I didn’t find it really helpful. It may be the best option if I’m trying to do something tricky like avoid the head from running into a tumbler handle or something like that.

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