Cubiio2 Support

Does LightBurn Software support Cubiio2? Is there any plans to support it in the future? Can I LightBurn in the current state with Cubiio2?

I have seen this old post.

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Support hasn’t been released, but we have made good progress on it. There’s a few more things to iron out before full functionality will be released to control the machine directly. I don’t suspect that’ll be in the next release, but hopefully one or two releases after that.


@jnesselr Wow - thanks for the update. I have been hoping for Lightburn to finally be able to control the Cubiio2 ever since I received it. It’s hasn’t been used for months now and stored under my work table. You mentioned it’s at least 2 releases away from the current version of LB - can you give an approximation on the release timeline?

I cannot unfortunately. And honestly, even the 1 to 2 releases statement is just an estimate. We don’t have a set release cycle and there’s still some back and forth to handle a couple of remaining items before we can release it.

@jnesselr I suppose the Cubiio2 team is actively engaging with your side and performing the prototype testing? Or is this all LB effort? Thank you for the update.

This would highly helpfull because their own software is not really state of the art and thats an understatement. So i would be very happy if Lightburn would work with their laser. I wonder how it will connect however. There is not a USB port, (officially) there is one behind a sticker but thats for maintenance people. It makes its own WiFi network so i must assume that WiFi will be used to connect.

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Yep, we’re working with them! Most of it has been me sending an email, getting answers back, then learning more about how LightBurn handles things.

It does connect over WiFi.

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